FITEL® active and passive optical components from Furukawa Electric are available off-the-shelf or customizable for your specific application. Whether yours is a telecom, data, or CATV communications network, the strength of your overall system is only as good as its components and installation. High-quality pump lasers, optical components, connectors, and amplifiers are essential for system integrity.

Active Optics Components

Furukawa Electric is one of the leading suppliers of pump laser modules and signal laser modules in the world. By utilizing our proven capabilities in design, manufacturing, and technical services, we support the increasing demands of DWDM systems through rapid product development and production. Talk to our worldwide sales teams now, and find out which FITEL solutions can help you.

FITEL Active Components

Passive Optics Components

Furukawa Electric’s FITEL PS202 series of passive components are compact optical splitters that use PLC (Planar Lightwave Circuit). These components are capable of distributing a pair of Video and Data signals. They are the optics components of choice for constructing Passive Optical Networks because they provide ease of installation and higher density packaging enclosures.

FITEL Passive Components

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